New EPA Regs Critics

The Enironmental Protection Agency has recently been rolling out new regulations on asbestos use in manufacturing. The regulations revolve around the manufacturing and selling of products with asbestos in them. Some critics worry that this regulation will lead to an increase of asbestos being used in products. However, before we get into the criticism of the bill, what exactly do the regulation do?

The regulations put in place by the EPA will do multiple things. This includes closing a loophole in their old partial ban of asbestos from around 30 years ago, and also make it easier for the EPA to review and ban certain products that contain asbestos in them. This means that more products with asbestos will be able to be pulled from shelves by the EPA.

Although these regulations are useful in the fight against asbestos, they do not fully ban asbestos in all manufacturing, as many environmental groups were hoping the regulations would.

Due to lack of a full ban, critics of the regulations are worried that asbestos use will increase in products not regulated. One of these critics includes Linda Reinstein, president of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, who believes that the regulations put in place are not nearly strong enough to do anything and that anything short of a total ban in regards to asbestos in products and manufacturing was not sufficient.

Although the ban does not cover materials like sheet gaskets and diaphragms, the EPA defends itself by showing it does ban vinyl floor tiles, insulation, cement products, roofing felt, reinforced plastics, millboard, high-grade electrical paper, extruded sealant tape, automobile adhesives, sealants and coatings.

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