Pets and Asbestos

Just like humans getting sick from asbestos, so can there pets. In fact the whole process is very similar. Mesothelioma, a cancer that is caused from asbestos exposure, affects most mammals.When a pet is exposed to asbestos in anyway they will very likely get a serious disease like mesothelioma. . If a pet’s caretaker brings home traces of asbestos home with them from work it will be in the air of the home and the pet will still be exposed to it. In some cases pets are even more likely to have asbestos exposure because they lick things. Asbestos can be settled dust and if a dog or cat licks that then they will not have much longer. Outdoor cats have to be monitored on where they go because if there favorite spot is the back of an old building or at a construction project in an old building, there is most likely asbestos in there, and that is very dangerous. 

If there is any reason to think that your pet has been exposed to asbestos then it is very important to take them to the vet as soon as possible. Often there is no way to save the pet after it has mesothelioma, but sometimes if it is caught soon enough and it has the correct treatment it will be okay. If your pet has been exposed to asbestos there will just be regular signs of illness. You may see coughing, shortness of breath, rapid breathing or vomiting. 

Pets with owners that are in an asbestos related field are most likely to get mesothelioma because humans can carry it on there body and clothes really easy and then it’s dangerous when your pet rubs up on you when you get home. Therefore if you work in the asbestos field, like testing for or removing asbestos you have to be especially careful about your pets safety. If in your home you are having asbestos tested for or removed you should have your pet and possibly yourself in a different area while the asbestos is in the air. Also, if living in an old house and there is some type of construction or renovation project you may not want your pet to be around in case settled asbestos goes up into the air and they breath it in. Dog’s are more likely than cats to get mesothelioma, but it has been found in both. 

Another very dangerous thing about your pet being exposed to asbestos is that it could get you very dangerously sick also. Say, for example, your pet is exposed to asbestos and carries some of the fibers of the asbestos on their fur. If you are touching or petting your dog or cat then you, now have been exposed to asbestos and also have very serious health risks like, mesothelioma, which can occur in all mammals. There is currently no found cure of mesothelioma, so all precautions that can be taken are necessary. Again, for your safety and your pets, have your home checked for asbestos. 

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