Lets discuss asbestosis. Asbestosis is a disease that comes from human or animal contact with asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral that naturally occurs and it is used as an installation material if someone is exposed to asbestos or inhales large amounts of asbestos fibers they can get severely ill and get diseases such as asbestosis. There is no treatment for asbestosis found as of now. One way to prevent inhaling it asbestos and getting asbestosis is wearing the proper masks to protect yourself while working and then area the may have asbestos fibers in the air.  the most common place to find asbestos fibers in the air is that a work site especially an old house. old houses tend to have asbestos in the installation and other products that were used to build the house. 

So, what asbestosis is when large amounts of asbestos fibers or dust contains asbestos is inhaled and therefore produces damage and scar tissue in the lungs. This makes it very difficult to breathe. A condition like asbestosis is a very hard one because there is no treatment but it could  have been prevented.

Once you inhale asbestos fibers and dust are trapped in your lungs the long will tried unsuccessfully to take out those bestos using your immune system. And this, is what leads to damage and scarred tissue.  asbestosis naturally occurs very slowly, sometimes it is not even noticed until decades after the exposure to asbestos. There are many other related health issues besides asbestosis that result from inhaling asbestos dust or fibers. 

Asbestosis is something that  varies a lot. it can be very severe or fairly mild this depends on things like how long you are exposed to asbestos or the amount of asbestos you inhaled Etc. If one is in a building where asbestos was used in insulation but it’s not exposed because it is Behind the Walls, normally there is no danger. It needs to be considered when there is a construction project and the installation is out from the wall and the dust in it has been messed with, so that asbestos is in the air. Some of the time  asbestosis is so mild that it can only be diagnosed with a chest x-ray. however, other times it is more prominent because of severe breathing issues. because it develops slowly it is often not noticed until it is very bad. 

This disease is very serious. sometimes it will go away with the right treatment. But there is no consistently successful treatment found. asbestosis can lead to failure of the heart and lungs, and sometimes death. So, the best way to avoid asbestosis, is to avoid asbestos. To get your home and buildings checked for asbestos so there is no concern of you or anyone you love being exposed to it. As you have learned, prolonged exposure to asbestos has bad results, so Call today and make sure that you are safe from any possibilities of asbestosis. 

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