J&J Faces Criminal Probe over Asbestos in Baby Powder

Johnson & Johnson are still insisting that their Baby Powder never contained asbestos. Have you heard of them? Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder is one of their core products. And for quite a while, people have been suing them. They claim that J&J’s Baby Powder (or, in some cases, Shower to Shower) caused their cancer. 

Why do they think this is probably the case? Because J&J’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower contain talc. Talc is considered the softest mineral on earth that is naturally occurring. It is not harmful at all. The bad news is that often, talc is closely nested with asbestos. And when it is mined, the asbestos comes up too. Often companies using the talc don’t properly remove the asbestos and then test for it before they sell the product. That isn’t allowed, but people have a way of getting around rules if they want to. Many people think that Johnson & Johnson got around the rules. They think asbestos was contained in the baby powder they used for years. Where else could they have got the asbestos caused cancer they have? Many places. Including Johnson & Johnson. So they are suing Johnson & Johnson. It may sound like I’m all for Johnson & Johnson. But I’m not. I think J&J is a group of a whole bunch of liars. Why? Because J&J insistes that their Baby Powder never contained asbestos. Sure that may be true. But there is evidence that it isn’t. They base these claims off of forty years of medical studies. But new studies have been run with different methods that do locate asbestos in their Baby Powder. They are, most likely, cherry picking the studies. In 2018, Reuters News Service looked through Johnson & Johnson’s internal documents, conversations, and memos. These contradicted the claims Johnson & Johnson had made saying that there is not and never was asbestos in their Baby Powder. From the report Reuters News Service made, we learn a lot of stuff about J&J. In my mind, it confirms that Johnson & Johnson is just a bunch of liars. What did the report find? J&J, it turns out, tried to hide the fact that its products had asbestos. How did they do this? They discouraged regulators from monitoring more closely the asbestos that is found in talc. Sounds pretty fishy, don’t you think? More than 13,000 lawsuits have been made against Johnson & Johnson about it’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products. Most of these lawsuits have been regarding ovarian cancer. Overall, plaintiffs have been awarded five billion dollars for Johnson & Johnson lawsuits. That is a lot of money. One woman, Teresa Leavitt, was awarded 29.4 million dollars over her mesothelioma cancer! Johnson & Johnson has won some lawsuits. But J&J really doesn’t want to give up. Many of the cases won by the plaintiff are still on appeal! I, for one, think that Johnson & Johnson is really trying to hide something. Otherwise, it seems, they wouldn’t be so mad at someone winning. The know it is a fair win and will not admit it to themselves. I think that the plaintiffs have the right to win, because I think they are correct. At least that J&J had asbestos in their Baby Powder. I’m not sure if the plaintiff had enough of it to cause their cancer, though. Johnson & Johnson is hiding something. Or at least it seems like it. We can’t really be sure. If we knew for sure, the lawsuits wouldn’t be quite as vicious. After all, almost all the lawsuits won by plaintiffs are still on appeal! How does all this Baby Powder stuff affect us? Especially if we never used Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder or Shower to Shower products? We learned something about talc. It is often contaminated with asbestos. Maybe it’s better to stay away from talc than get cancer decades later. That is because of the asbestos often contained in it. It is best to stay away from asbestos, whether or not it is in talc. If you think you’ve got asbestos in your home or building, call us today at (312) 586-8713 for a free quote for asbestos removal and testing.

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