Asbestosis is a lung disease that is caused bipolar long exposure to asbestos fibers in the air. What asbestosis is, is when someone breathes in asbestos fibers for prolonged. Of time and they get into their lungs and damage/ scar tissue. one of the things that makes asbestosis so hard is that there is no found cure.  luckily, often treatment can alleviate the symptoms so it makes it more indurable for patients with asbestosis. Another very dangerous thing about asbestosis is it when you have it there is a clear higher risk of getting a type of asbestos- related cancer like meselithomia. Most of the times when someone is diagnosed with asbestosis it is because occupational asbestosis exposure. so  normally this means that part of their job is working with asbestos, it is usually not only caused by some occupational Services exposure but years of prolonged asbestos exposure. 

Asbestosis is a cause for more than one thousand deaths of Americans each year. 

Diagnosing asbestosis is  often a very complicated procedure. it requires thorough occupational and medical histories and also medical testing. these days, not as  many people are being exposed to asbestos, but still many people are being diagnosed with asbestosis because sometimes it isn’t very apparent until even decades later after the asbestos exposure. Most asbestos exposure in the United States happen before The 1970s because that is when the United States began through sticked the use of asbestos oh, because they realized that it was a very toxic mineral. although, it has been restricted in the United States it was a little too late because asbestos had already been used in sows ins of homes around the country. so now when these homes are going through renovation or demolition  it puts the workers at risk of asbestos exposure, and then asbestosis. According to the World Health Organization zestimate about 125 million people around the world are still often exposed to asbestos at work.

Some of the symptoms of asbestosis are;

  •  pain and tightness in the chest
  •  crackling sounds while breathing
  •  loss of appetite and weight
  •  Fatigue
  •  a dry cough that won’t go away
  •  shortness of breath

 because asbestosis often slowly develops over time these symptoms can be ignored. But, it is very important to look out for them if you have any reason to think you have been exposed to asbestos.  what causes the coughing tightness of chest and crackling sounds of asbestosis is the stiffening of the lungs. this also results in less oxygen being delivered into the bloodstream and this is what causes shortness of breath. so because the body relies on oxygen, it leads to more breathing difficulties, weight loss, and fatigue. 

These symptoms are all very dangerous so now, I’m going to talk about ways to manage them.

  •  make sure you’re getting a good night sleep every night and sometimes take short rests during the day to make sure you are gaining enough energy
  •  make sure, even with no appetite you’re  having a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water
  •  exercise, but be sure you are not over-exerting yourself because of the lack of energy
  •  avoid air pollution and tobacco smoke because breathing it is already hard with asbestosis and these things only make it harder
  •  avoid even more than normal viruses like the flu and pneumonia by getting vaccines washing your hands and avoiding large crowds. 

Asbestosis is an incurable disease, but there are many things you can do to make it better on yourself. 

Remove asbestos from your home

Since later you can’t remove it from your body.

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