Asbestos Car Manufacturing

Asbestos are a dangerous mineral that can cause a multitude of diseases and cancers and affect people in a range jobs. One group of workers that is particularly at risk for coming in contact with asbestos is car mechanics and car manufacturers.  Automotive workers can come into contact with asbestos when working on clutches, brakes, heat seals, and other parts of the car that contain asbestos.

Although the Environmental protection agency banned all use of asbestos in most manufacturing, this was not the case for car parts. Although most car companies stopped using asbestos in 1990, that does not mean that automobile workers are not at risk from earlier made car parts. Some of these car parts include hoodliners, brake pads and brake linings, clutch assemblies, gaskets, valve rings, valve stem, packing friction materials, and heat seals. Although many automotive workers believe that asbestos is no longer a risk to them, when they work with or come into contact with any of the materials listed above, they are at risk for asbestos exposure.

Along with an increased risk of exposure to asbestos in old American made cars, there is a high risk of asbestos exposure in cars from other countries. Although American cars no longer use asbestos in manufacturing, there are no regulations or incentives for other countries to stop using asbestos in their car parts. Any car parts that come from overseas, particularly India and China, use asbestos in the manufacturing process.

Automotive workers need to be aware of the dangers of working in that field, especially regarding asbestos use in the products they are working on.

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